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Mr Wrong Chords

Cracker- Mr. Wrong (Hickman)

Intro: G F G G G D G G

Verse I:
G                   F               G              G
Well meet me by the river that goes nowhere,
G             D             G             G                         
Let me lay my sorry trip on you
             G              F             G            G
Oh won't you meet me by the river little darlin'
G                    D          G             G
I might just let you see my bad tattoo.

Verse II:
            G               F             G            G
Well, I was gonna bring you flowers but I didn't.
         G                         D                   G           G
It's the thought that counts and I think I'm a bit too broke,
    G                            F                       
but there's some change in my ashtray,
           G                   G
maybe just enough to pay
G                            D                G             G
for a half pint of something probably make us choke.

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(walk down: G   F#  E ) 
      D                                  G         (walk down: G   F#  E )
 Well no I'd rather not go and meet your family
            D                           G
 They'd probably send me back where I belong,
            C                      G
Don't wanna hear about your mister right,
     D      C       G
He's out of town tonight,
G                        D                G               G
Baby come and spend some time with mister wrong.

Verse III:
          G            F             G                   G
I drive a one-eyed Malibu without a muffler
      G                           D             G           G
and a tape deck that works if you kick it hard enough
    G                   F                   G             G         
and baby if you like to read, I've got some great pornography
      G                    D              G         G (walk down: G   F#  E )
and a ten pound flashlight rolling in the trunk.

Repeat Chorus

        C                            C                        G
And now do you have a girlfriend and does she look as good as you
           C                   C (let chord ring through next line)
Hey, would she like to meet my brother?
                                  (D7 goes good here, but it is not on the recording)
He'll be out of jail in a month or twoooo.

Instrumental on verse chords: G F G G G D G G (2x) 

Repeat Verse I & Chorus

End with:
                     G                D              G
Ahh haww, Yeah where I come from they call me mister wrong.