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Kerosene Hat Chords

Artist:	Cracker
Song:	Kerosene Hat
Album:	Kerosene Hat
Tuning:	Standard

    A    A7   C    C7   D    Em   G6
e --0----0----0----0----2----0----0--|
B --2----2----1----0----3----0----0--|
G --2----0----0----0----2----0----0--|
D --2----2----2----2----0----2----0--|
A --0----0----3----3----0----2----2--|
E --0----0----0----0----2----0----3--|

Phrase 1: Em   G6   C7   A7
Phrase 2: Em   D    C    A    G    C
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- Most chords are played with a variation of the above and a common morph of the above.
- "Em", "A", "C7", and "G6" regularly morphs by raising a "D" on the "B" string.
- A & A7 morph between one another, different from verse to verse.

  Em                       G6
  How can I fly with these old dogged wings
            C7                A7
  While the magpie sings some shiny song.
  Old corn-face row of teeth she says sweetly to me
  In the elevator

Em         D            C      A7                
Everything seems like a dream, Life's a scream

Here come old kerosene hat with his earflaps waxed
A 'courting his girl
Come clattering in here on your old cloven skates
With the devilish spoon

Everything seems like a dream, and life's a scream, when you're submarine.

[ Instrumental Bridge:  2x phrase 1, 1x phrase 2
  Mixed up with a combination of strumming, picking, & a few bends ]