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Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 23:34:12 -0500
From: Steve Kvech 
Subject: TAB: Dixie Babylon by Cracker

Dixie Babylon - Cracker
tabbed by: Dave Marley
& Steve Vetter [}
Intro added by Steve Kvech

The chords below look fine.  I just wanted to add an intro
which I picked out by listening to the CD. I think its pretty
darn close.

*Intro:  (added by Steve Kvech

Play this 2 times
|A------6b7-----6b7----2-4(let ring)---4-2-0-4/5~-----|
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Then play this 2 times

Now go into the following

part 1: A E F#m D
part 2: D E F#m C#m D Bm E

We went down
To the old part of town
By the stinking canal
The cotton mill

Under a ghetto palm
With her bicycle shorts on
With a gesture
She said to me

D        E    F#m     C#m
I really must confess
             D       Bm
I'd to get undressed
With you

Though the thought
Had never really crossed my mind
Oh, but that was lie
So we went along

We went out
Under the turning leaves
Fetted earth
Was damp and cool

Autumn's feeble lights
On her salty neck
All innocence was lost

I really must confess
I'm  feeling quite distressed
My stars are always crossed

And I have alway taken
More than I have given back
And as a matter of fact
I've given nothing up

Solo: violins and whatnot.

Finish with:


The end