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>From: (Steve Vetter)
>Subject: CRD: Big Dipper _ Cracker
>Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 19:51:15 -0400

Big Dipper - from "The Golden Age"
tabbed by Steve Vetter [] and (David Marley)

the key to remmeber in this song is that you
have to maintain the guitar rhythm even though
the verse doesn't always match up. -sjv

intro/verse: Am C F G

The cigarettes
And carrot juice
Get yourself a new tattoo
For those sleeveless days of June

I'm sitting on the Cafe Zino's steps
With a book
I haven't started yet
Watching all the girls walk by

G                F
Could I take you out?
F                      Dm
I'd be yours without a doubt
C                  G
On that big dipper
If the sound of this
It frightens you
We could play it real cool
And act somewhat indifferent
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And hey June
Why's you have to come
Why'd you have to come around
So soon?
I wasn't ready
For all this nature

The terrible green green grass
And violent blooms
Of flowered dresses
And afternoons that make me sleepy

But we could wait awhile
'Fore we push that dull turnstile
Into the passage
Thousands they have tread
And others sometimes fled
Before the turn came

We could wait our lives
Before a chance arrives
Before the passage
Form the top you can see Monterey
Or think about San Jose
Though i know it's not that pleasant

And hey Jim
'A Karoak
Brother of the famous Jack
Or so he likes to say
Lucky bastard

He's sitting on the Cafe Zino's steps
With a girl I'm not over yet
Watching all the world go by

Boy you're looking bad
Did I make you feel that sad?
I'm honestly flattered
But if she asked me out
I'd be her without a doubt
On that big dipper

And carrot juice
get yourself a new tattoo
For those sleeveless days of June
I'm sitting on the Cafe Zino steps
I haven't got the courage yet
I haven't got the courage yet...

Here's a rough sketch of the solo...