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May 8th Tab

May 8th 1998


C      G    Am     F     C     G     Am     Em

         C       G      Am      F      C      G      Am      F

Verse 1  (note each chord has 4 beats)
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  C          G      Am          F        C         G       Am    F
A long time ago you ran into my life, and now your running away

    C             G             Am         F      C         G             Am   F
You leave me here alone sitting by the telephone, wondering what I should say

   C                   G      Am          F   C        G                F
So take my breath from me and just let me be, I\'ve got better things to do

C              G       Am          F            C             G            Am   Em
When did you decide to leave me outside, in the cold and lonliness without you


   Am   Am17
So take the fun I had with you and
C    C17
take whatever you have to and
Em   Em17
take the love I gave to you and
take it to a better place and then
Am   Am17
take the stars and the sun and
C     C17
break this promise when your done just
Em   Em17
make this wish my final one
I hope that you will never forget me

Verse 2 & 3 have same beat and chords) lyrics also avalible.
See Guitarology at for chord discriptions