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Light It On Fire Chords

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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 19:32:55 -0500 (CDT)
From: Pete Rasche 

"Light It On Fire" by Cowboy Mouth
>From the MCA album "Are You With Me?"
Previously from Domino "Word of Mouth"
and Monkey Hill "Mouthin' Off (Live+More)"
and Paul Sanchez's solo "Jet Black and Jealous"
Written by Paul Sanchez, vocals by Fred LeBlanc

"Light It On Fire" by Cowboy Mouth
A=002220   E=02210x  C=032010

      It's four A.M., 	I'm    drunk and alone
      Tryin' to call you on a  public   phone
        I  wanted passion, I   wanted   desire
My heart is a flame that pains me if I do not
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A	    E
Light it on Fire
	       A 	E
If I do not light it on fire
	       A	E
If I do not light it on fire
	       A  (n.C.)
If I do not light it on fire

VERSE 2 (Main riff repeated through first 3 lines, last line A as above):
I'm the perfect picture of a perfect fool
You're out doin' what I wanted ya' to
I'm in heartbreak hotel and there's a desk clerk for hire
My heart is a flame that pains me if I do not


C C E   A	  E
	How can I tell you
C C E   A	    E
	Just how it feels
C C E   A	    E
	How can you make love stay and
	How do you know if what's stayin' is real

MAIN RIFF + guitar solo

VERSE 3 (same as VERSES 1 and 2):
I was the one full of whiskey and talk
I was the one with the skip in my walk
You say the truth hurts, well so does a liar
My heart's a flame that pains.....

(repeated with A E chords into MAIN RIFF close)

(note: the easiest way to play the riff is to start with
your first finger on the D string, 2nd fret.  After the first
two E notes and the note on the D string, move it to the A
string, where it remains, until you hit the A chords.  After the
A chords, place your first three fingers on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
frets of the D string, and pull off one after each note...)

Pete Rasche