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From: robertc@dry.Princeton.EDU (Robert Spassky Cabacungan)

	(written by Townes ? [can't remember last name])
	(from Black-Eyed Man, by the Cowboy Junkies)

Intro:  E* (x2)

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E                      A
Baby's in the back lot breathin' real heavy
         B                          A         E
Said the boys in the alley wouldn't leave her alone
E                        A
Mama did her makeup in a terrible hurry
    B                         A         E
She finally got ready but the boys were gone
A                     B
Mama don't you worry, night's approachin'
          A                         B         E
There's a hole in heaven where some sin slips through
E                         A
Just close your eyes, and dream real steady
B                        A        E
Maybe just a little will spill on you



E          A      B
Dark don't lie
Dreams come true
A                      E
All it takes is one or two

Verse:  "Old lady rose, lookin' down her nose..."
Chorus:  "Won't be long, I won't be gone..."
Verse:  "Those in the know, say so it goes..."
Chorus:  "Snake eyes cry, boxcars sigh..."
Chorus:   "Dark don't lie, dreams come true..."
(then repeat the A  E sequence for: "Maybe just a few will see you through")
(and repeat it twice more without words for the Outtro)


E 022100	A 002220	B 224442


E* means that the E is decorated by futzing it with an Em (as you can
hear in the song).  There is a lot of sliding in the song.   Not
currently possessing a slide, or knowing how to tune the guitar to an
appropriately to slide to this song, I just make do by sometimes sliding
the A up to 004440.  It sounds pretty good for the chorus.

Apologies in advance for lyrical errors.  By the way, does anyone out
there know "Murder, Tonight, in the Trailer Park?"


P.S.  This group has brought me closer to a lot of cool music.  Thought
it high time I started to return the favor.  Thanks!