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Porpoise Mouth Chords

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Porpoise Mouth chords
Country Joe and the Fish

Capo II *


The white ducks fly on past the sun,
      A                         Bm
their wings flash silver at the moon.
While waters rush down the mountain tongue,
   A                    Bm
my organs play a circus tune.
  A                   Bm
I dance to the wonder of your feet,
    A                       Bm
and sing to the joy of your knees.
The cold white dress on the mountain breast,
A                 Bm
paints the frozen trees. 
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The maple plants patterns in the sky,
     A                  Bm
it s leaves to kiss the wind
While scores of glittering bugs and flies,
      A              Bm
dance polkas on her limbs.
  A                  Bm
I whistle symphonies of your face,
    A                      Bm
and laugh for your hair so fine.
In startled greens of playground grass,
  A                   Bm
a child jumps rope to rhyme. 

Reeds and brass, the marching drums,
A             Bm
make a joyous sound
Trees bend low with nuts and plums,
     A                Bm
then fall to find the ground.
  A               Bm
I hunger for your porpoise mouth,
    A               Bm   
and stand erect for love.
The sun burns up the winter sky,
    A                Bm
and all the earth is love.

* Alternate:

Capo IV

Bm = Am
A  = G