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Fox On The Run Chords

You play this song by doing this: pluck strum, pluck strum

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    D                  A7           Em          G          Em
She walks throught the corn leading down to the river, her hair shown like 
A7          G           D                      A7          Em               
gold in the hot mornin' sun.  She took all the love that a poor boy could 
G            Em         A7         G          D           G
give her and left me to die like a fox on the run. Like a fox, like a fox, 
like a fox, on the run. 

The versus are played the same way except the chords are like this

G  D  A  D  G  D  E  A  G  D  A  D  G  D  A  D

Then you start back into the chorus

I hope this helps you, it is how i learned it, it is very chordy