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Love This Chords

This is my first tab, so be kind, I really love this song!

Capo 4th- standard tuning


Em   C   Em   G

Em   C   Em   F#/D

Am-  G   F#/D   C


Am- G- F#/D- C

Am- G- F#/D- C

Am- G- F#/D- C

Am- G- F#/D- C

And thats all! Very easy to play


More info about cosmo:

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Cosmo was born in New Jersey, United States. As a child, he moved to Devon, United
Kingdom with his family. In his own words he has stated that he has no affiliation to New
Jersey, except that "Kevin Smith was born there and I love his work". Cosmo first
started writing and recording music in his bedroom where he also began making his first 
films on
VHS when he was barely twelve. His storytelling demonstrated an advanced level of
sophistication, as was clear from the lengths that he would go to tell his tales; film the
television and then film out of the window because that way he knew that he was telling 
a story.[3] Cosmo released his self-titled debut album aged nineteen, having left 
education at
Ivybridge Community College at sixteen to pursue a career in music and film, instead of
choosing to attend a sixth form.