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What Happened Chords

Capo 2 on the bottom 5 strings (leaving the Low E open)  this
Is a drop D tuning 1 step up from open.

D         D/F#            G           A            D
Heard the front door slam lying in my bed 'bout 8 AM
D              D/F#             G                          A
She packed her bags and hit the road, don't know if she'll be back again
D       D/F#              G            A          D
I guess she's had enough, well finally we can agree
D           D/F#          G                   A
Besides the bills, all we share these days is misery
D                 D/F#         G              A                D
She used to be my better half, now she's the thorn stuck in my side
D             D/F#           G                        A
Our love is a burden we both bear, these vows are the chains we hide
Bm           A                        Bm            A
I don't know where it all went wrong, what happened to our happy home

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D             D/F#        G                    A        G
What happened to forever, what happened to for worse or better
D             D/F#         G                     A       G
What happened to our plans, what happened to the ring on her hand
D             D/F#         G              A      D
What happened to our love, what happened, oh, to us

This past month's been hell with gnashing teeth and brimstone fire
Furious flames have filled the rooms of this little house of ours
We've said a lot of things that cut each other to the core
She said "you're no good just like your daddy, that don't love you anymore"
And now I'm drinking way too much but these days, it's all that gets me through
And sometimes I feel like this whiskey bottle is the one I'm married to
Oh and we've been going to church, still it feels like things keep getting worse, Lord 
help us


D        D/C#           Bm    Bm/A
She came home late last night
D                 D/C#             D/B   Bm
With tear-stained rings around her eyes
              D          D/C#                 D/B   Bm
And she said "this isn't how it's supposed to be"
                     G           A
Then she cried "what happened to you and me?"

Chorus 2:
What happened to surprises, what happened to the compromises
What happened to the romance, what happened to holding my hand
What happened to our love, what happened, oh, to us

Chorus 1