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The Horse I Rode In On Chords

The Horse I Rode In On
Corb Lund
Album: Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!

Remember this tab is relative to the capo
On the intro you can do the sliding or hammer-ons/pull-offs that you like, I just 
straight pick every note

Capo 4

Intro:                              (Just play G til beginning of verse)

    G                    C        G
The show was a big one, an old rodeo
                                    C            D
They'd been trying to hire us for a few years or so
      C                            G
The grandstand was bursting, the infield was full
                                      D              G
They'd run all the chucks and they'd bucked all the bulls

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I felt stiff in the saddle, had been a year since I'd rode
And I'd never been on him save an afternoon lope
But this was the last thing on my tortured mind
As I put heels to belly and my band played the time

          D                         C                G
He was a big sorrel gelding with a golden streaked mane
    D                       C             G
A silver mounted saddle and hand braided reins
   G                          C              G
He had one blue eye that was clear like the rain
                                D           G
But the horse I rode in on felt none of my pain


Well we made quite an entrance in show business style
And ten thousand people all witnessed my smile
But you were not there among them I'm sorry to say
As I rode through the crowd toward the big outdoor stage

If my pony was skittish with all the people around
And if he spooked just a little when the spotlight shone down
It's nothing compared to the heart break and pain
That come with a love that has withered in vain


So we played through the show and like I always do 
I sang every one of the love songs for you
Then I climbed right back on him and I spurred him away
And as the cheers and the dust from the arena did fade
I didnít feel like no cowboy anymore, anyway


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