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She Wont Come To Me Chords

She Won't Come To Me
Corb Lund
Album:Five Dollar Bill

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Capo 2

    D                  A
She rears her head, as I approach
   G                     A
Her nostrils flared with fear
    D                  A
Her eyes are wild, her mane is flyin'
      G                A
She's pinning back her ears

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     D                A
And she won't come to me
 D                G
She won't come to me
 D                   A
She won't come to anyone
       D                G
Who's frightened to be free

She stiffens and, she shivers and
She wheels and lopes away
Across the unfenced sections
I won't catch that mare today

So as I roam the prairies for
A chance to try again
Behind me through grasses drag
The braided leather reins


She's broken well, her gait is sound
She'll pack a man all day
She's cowy and her mouth is good
She'll pen your restless strays


I believe thats right, enjoy