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Dig Gravedigger Dig Chords

Corb Lund  -   Dig Gravedigger Dig  Acoustic

This should be enough to get you going, it's not perfect but the general shape
is there.  Just listen to the song to get the weird strumming pattern somewhat down.
I realize the chord names may not be right but hopefully they'll get the point across.

Capo 2

Chords used

   E  A  Go G  Asus B

E                     A Go
Dig, dig, Gravedigger
E                     Go 
Dig, Gravedigger, dig
Work that shovel with vigor, Gravedigger
       G            A                            E  A  Go
Before rigor mortis sets in, dig

Dig, dig, Gravedigger
Dig, Gravedigger, dig
That big old hole just keeps gettiní bigger
So dig, Gravedigger, dig
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Asus                        E
He donít mind the cadavers, he donít mind human remains
B                                            A                           E
He got no problem sleepiní at night, ainít nothiní a little whiskey wonít tame
Asus                              E
I asked about ghosts and spirits, I asked him if he ever got spooked
B                                             A                                       E A Go
I asked him if he ever gets haunted by souls, but he reckons that he buries them, too
Asus                              E
Nah, he ainít bothered by corpses, hell, heíll plant stiffs all day
B                                         A hold
See, heís on a some kinda piecework deal, he gets paid by the grave

He could be makiní more money, he could be out workiní the rigs
But he says he donít really like no company, he says heíd rather just dig
Gravedigger, he got secrets, he told me as he lit up a cig
He says you gotta watch you donít badger the hole when youíre cutting through the 
roots and the twigs
Heíll work right through in the darkness, then heíll stop and heíll take him a swig
Drive by the right time of the night you might find him in the moonlight doiní a jig