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Bible On The Dash Chords

                Bible on the Dash
Two night stand in Tulsa pullin' out and headed 

Brett he  grabbed the Gideon's from the hotel in 
the desk, an we said "what's the matter brother, 
are you worried 'bout your soul?"
He said "Better safe than sorry boys, that's just 

how I roll"
We hit the road a feelin' cool as Crosby Stills and 
Nash, overflowin' with the spirit and the bible on

the dash.
We Pulled the ole thing over, for the flashin' red

and blues, police came to the window we said 

"Have you heard the news?!"
"Now don't get smart with me boy, why you doin' 
"My foot is heavy with redemption, I'm just 
blessed to be alive"
He said "I oughta pull you outa there and beat

you black and blue"
I placed my hand upon the good book, said "What 
would Jesus do?"

It's better than insurance, registraion or lyin'
It's better than these fake I.D.s I keep on 

It's even better than an envelope stuffed with 
cash, they always said it'd save me that old 
             (walk down to E)
bible on the dash

*Follow same chord pattern throughout*
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Around these parts a hair alone will make 
probable cause

If you're movin' through my county, you'll

obey my earthly laws

Yes we did our best to quote some holy rich 
chapter an' verse

What kinda music y'alls makin' we said 
"Christian music sir!"

He thought about it, contemplated, twirled his cop 
mustache, "Alright you boys be careful now, 

just don't drive quite so fast"


Crossin' at the border few months later we 

heard "Freeze!"

"Pull in over there, son, we're gonna do some 
search and seize"

Well maybe if we'd been more famous he'd a said 
just move along, if he's a seen us on the TV, if

we had hit single songs

He's just about to ask us where's the money,  
guns and hash, I was hopin' it'd save me that old 
bible on the dash

Well his hand was on his pistol and his dog was 

on his leash, and that shepherd he was a keepin' 

a pretty close eye on his sheep

"We got a list we gonna look at, see if we can't 
find your names, we got parabolic laser beams

hears everything you say, we got ultra voilet 
x-rays that can see right through your bus"

I guess we'll see if the good lord's truly watchin'

over us

It's better than a green card, it's better than lyin'

It's better than these work visas I keep ion buyin'

It's even better than an envelope, stuffed with

cash, Lord I'm at the border with the bible on the