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Statutory Rape Chords

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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 20:04:09 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
From: "Moir, Adam C" 
Subject: convicted_sex_offenders/Statutory_Rape.crd

Title: Statutory Rape
Author: Convicted Sex Offenders and the Three Deaf Mexicans
(Matthew Berra and Peter Lynch)

I saw the song performed live, so I think that it is right.  I think
that this band rocks.  Hope you all like it.

You need to use pretty heavy distortion.

E          F#        A        B      (2x)

Verse: 1

E                   F#    A              B
Went to the mall, who was there,
E                   F#    A              B
A beautiful girl, I began to stare.
E                              F#           A                         B
She was with all her friends, she sure looked good,
E                       F#    A                  B
Should I talk to her, I thought I should.

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high E              D                            A                   B
How was I to know she was only twelve years old,
 high E             D              A                   B
She had the body of a nineteen year old,
high E          D           A          B
She looked so good for her age,
high E                 D         A      B
Now I'm looking at statutory rape.
                          high E     D     A      B
Statutory rape
                          high E     D     A      B
Statutory rape

E          F#          A        B       (2x)

Verse 2:

Talked to the girl, we went out twice,
We saw a movie, she spent the night
            Two weeks went by, we didn't talk much,
	Soon I got a subpoena, I wish we never fucked.




	Verse 3:

	Called up her mom, asked what's the deal,
	She said my daughter's too young for you to feel,
	I got to court, her mom told on me,
	I was convicted, and that's my story of

	                           high E       D      A      B
Statutory Rape
                           high E       D      A      B
Statutory Rape

I haven't figured out the solo because it is very complex.  If you have
any questions e-mail me at
Submitted by: Adam Moir