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Lay Me Down Chords

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From: Jeffrey James Wolf 

   Connells - "Lay Me Down" 
          off 'Fun n Games' CD

  Chord tabs
   G  320033
  G/C 032033
   D  000232
  Em  022000
  C9  032030
  D/G 000233

  Verses :
    G                     G/C                      C
    Sing to me sweetly as I turn sour, Lay Me Down remembering
    C                                   D            D/G  D   G      
    That the wind and the rain played a part in that dreadful hour.

    G                  G/C                             C
    And so as I pass I too feel the power, laying here under the trees

    C                         D           D/G D  G
    Where three days before I danced in a summer shower.

[ Tab from: ]
                    Em                    G                     D
      And she said there look through the trees, the sun always shines

      Always ontime.

      Em                 G              D                 C9
      There rest on your knees and in a prayer, follow me there.

      Repeat chords for remaining verses....

       This is a beautiful song from a group from my hometown of
       Raleigh, NC. It is rumored to be about a young boy who
       fell while riding his bike and landed in a deep ditch. A big rain came
       and because he broke both of his legs, he could not get up from
       the ditch and so the young boy drowned.
       Any requests for more Connells tunes? -

From: Chris Ambrose 
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 16:05:03 EDT

"Lay Me Down"  - Connells

from Fun n Games CD

The posted version seems to be missing a couple of chords.
Here's what I have


G  |   G/C  G  |  G/C   C
C  |   D    |  G    |


Em  C   G  D   Em  Am

"|" signifies a repeat of the previous chord

Chris Ambrose