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Jesus And Mama Chords

I'm posting a correction to "Jesus and Mama". I havent seen the sheet music but I
believe it is in the key of F#. But
If you stick with the key of G this is the correct way:

I made a wish upon a star
I could have a brand new car
Got tired of wishing
So I stole one

Seventeen and knew it all
My dreams were big but my thoughts were small
So many roads somehow I chose
The wrong one

G                          C
But Jesus and mama always loved me
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G                        D
Even when the devil took control
G                      C       G  D
Jesus and mama always loved me
This I know

I felt trapped most all my life
Found new kinds of lows and highs
Never been a husband but I've had a
lot of wives To hold me

Headstrong, stubborn, couldn't be told
Like a wild horse that couldn't be rode
A rainbow chaser hungry for gold
And still searchin'

Repeat Chorus

I wish mom could see me now
And how I've turned it all around
Lately I've been going down
The right road

Life's a picture that you paint
With blues and grays and can's and cant's 
Heaven knows I'm not a saint
But I know

Repeat Chorus

by Jay Smith