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Jesus And Mama Chords

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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 20:38:30 -0600 (CST)

                            Jesus and Mama
                      written by: Danny Mayo and James Dean Hicks
                      performed by Confederate Railroad on self-titled album



1.I made a wish upon a star
  I could have a brand new car
  Got tired of wishing
  So I stole one
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  Seventeen and knew it all
  My dreams were big but my thoughts were small
  So many roads somehow I chose
        C            D
  The wrong one

C.But Jesus and mama always loved me
  Even when the devil took control
   G                              C
  Jesus and mama always loved me
  This I know

2.I felt tried most all my life
  Found new kinds of lows and highs
  Never been a husband but I had a lot of wives
  To hold me

  Headstrong, stubborn, couldn't be told
  Like a wild horse that couldn't be rode
  A rainbow chaser hungry for gold
  And still searchin'

  Repeat Chorus

3.I wish mom could see me now
  And how I've turned it all around
  Lately I've been going down
  The right road

  Life's a picture that you paint
  With blues and grays and cans of canvas
  Heaven knows I'm not a saint
  But I know

  Repeat Chorus

                     Transcribed by: Paul Leafgreen