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Sail on - The Commodores
* this song is mostly for piano and i'm not near my piano right now so i just figured
this out for guitar
         for the intro/verse chords you just create the C#sus4 and Ebm(add11) variations
by moving your pinky over 
         so that C#sus4 looks like this: X46674 and Ebm(add11) looks like : x68696
         i'm not sure if thats exactly the right chords but it sounds pretty close 

INtro:    C#, C#sus4,C#, Ebm, Ebm(add11), Ebm 
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C#, (C#sus4,C#).....
Sail on down the line
      Ebm, (Ebm(add11), Ebm)
About half a mile or so
Ebm......         C#
Don't really wanna know where you're going
Maybe once or twice
Time after time I tried
To hold on to what we got
But now you're going
C#, Ab 
    F#     Ab              C#                  Bbm            Ab 
And I don't mind about the things you're gonna sail on
F#            Ab           C#     Bbm       Ab        
I give all my money and my time
F#         Ab
I know it's a shame
 C#                   Bbm           Ab   F# 
But I'm giving you back your name   yeh yeh   
    F#     C#      Ebm        
Yes, I'll be on my way
  F#       C#      Ebm
I won't be back to stay
   F#       C#      Ebm  *on this part i think sometimes they play an Ebm7-9 (X68879) 
I guess I'll move along
    C#    Ab    
I'm looking for a good time
Sail on down the line
Funny how the time can go
Friends says they told me so but it doesn't matter
It was plain to see
That a small town boy like me
Just wasn't your cup of tea
I was wishful thinking
I gave you my heart and I tried to make you happy
And you gave me nothing in return
You know it ain't so hard to say
Would you please just go away     yeah   yeah 
I've thrown away the blues
I'm tired of being used
I want everyone to know
I'm looking for a good time
 B   F#    Ab 
Good time
End part 
F#      Fm 
Sail on honey
F#               Fm      Ebm7 
Good times never felt so good