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Tiger In A Tower Chords

The Comas - Tiger In A Tiger
Album: A Def Needle In Tomorrow
tabbed by Noam Yatsiv, March 2002

The Comas' songs are probably the easiest-played songs ever. Great for sing-alongs! enjoy...

Standard tuning: EADGBe

A                C#m
I'm a tiger in a tower
D                        E
I've been wrestling your bones for hours
A                      C#m
Like a restless summer shower
D            E
Pissing on a plastic flower

Bm             A    E
Waiting on the sun
Bm         A       E       Bm
I know I'm not the only one
A             E
Trying not to come
I resinate
And evaporate
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In an aeroplane made of sugar
Praying for no stormy weather
The whip is every Tuesday
I love her every velvet bruiseday

(climbing up a tone)
B                D#m
I'm a tiger in a tower
E                    F#
I've been holding it in for hours
B           D#m
Belly up on moon time
E                  F#
And try to kill me all the time

C#m             B    F#
Waiting on the sun
C#m         B       F#       C#m
I know I'm not the only one
B             F#
Trying not to come
I resinate
And evaporate

C#m            E...
I resinate and radiate
And masturbate don't allocate
And emulate we cast the fate and

B D#m E F#...