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Soledad Chords

tabbed by: Derek Smith
Capo 3
tune down half step (But if you don't want to down tune, just put
the capo on the 2nd fret)

E: 022100
F#m: 244222
B7sus: x2x200
A(add9): x02200
C#m: 046654
A: x02220
A/B: x2x220
F#7: 242322
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E               Am6(add9)
Make a wish and dreams come true
E               Am6(add9)          E
Set a sail and watch it into the blue
               F#m                   B7sus
What's an open door, If I don't walk through
     E                           F#m
So I watch the stars move in the summer sky
The earth holds my back and
I'm drowning in the moon light
     E                 F#m
And I think of all the places and the faces
And people that I've known
                        E           C#m    A
When I'm all alone I go home to my soledad

A/B  E    C#m      A
Oh,  in my soledad,
A/B       E           C#m
all of my days and my dreams
and my wishes
    A/B      E    C#m
can all come true
A        A/B
In my soledad

1st ending: E, Am6(add9), E, F#m, B7sus

Every now and then somebody's gonna' say
how much for dreams tell me what could I pay
And with my eyes closed my eyes closed
I could say
Go on take everything away


2nd ending: C#m, G#m, F#7, A(add9), B7sus

al admirar la distancia de los cielos me da esperanza
que mis anhelos se cumpliran
y aun que sea por un momento
no me escapa el sentimento
que este lugar me da
y por un dia mas
puedo dejar todo atras en mi soledad


3rd Ending: E, Am6(add9) (repeat)

I know for a fact that this is right, so have a lot of fun. Its a
great song.
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