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No No No Chords

(capo up one fret)

Esus: 022200
A(add9)/E: 042200
B7sus/E: x24200
E(add9): 024100
B(add11): 799800
A(add9)(V): 577600
C#m: x46654
Amaj7(V): x06650
E(VI)/D#: 06999x

Intro: E Esus A(add9)/E B7sus/E E(add9) Esus E

Verse 1:
E                   A(add9)/E         B7sus/E                       E
Let this be heaven, let this be love, make this the one thing I can never get 
                            A(add9)/E                       B7sus/E
enough of be warm beside me stand tall and hide me from the storm

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B(add11)      A(add9)(V)             B(add11)               A(add9)(V)
Don't take my breath away, I need to breathe don't turn and look away, I need 
      B(add11)                    A(add9)(V)          B(add11)
to see you 'cause I could be here waiting for another day 
A(add9)(V)     B(add11)    E                 A(add9)/E B7sus/E E
Don't leave me lonely this way      no no no

Verse 2:
Time is slow watchin' shadows grow, and what's movin' in your mind I find it's a
mystery so take my hand, I will be your man, reaching out for your love


Bridge (instrumental) C#m Amaj7(V) E E(VI)/D# C#m Amaj7(V) B(add11) (repeat)


Enjoy playing the coolest song ever!

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