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Submitted By: Scotty Miller

[G]Today seemed like a thousand years
of[Cadd9]freshly fallen snow
and the[G]music ringing in my ears
its[D]time for us to go[G]
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Someone may recall a[Cadd9]coversation
[G]Somewhere along the[D]way
[G]but even after pure[Cadd9]refromation
[G]I still don't know[D]exactly what[G]I'd say
[G]Say hello say[D]goodbye
say the[Am]sun will always[D]rise
say you'll[G]dance take a[D]chance
on[Am]this whole heart of[D]mine
[C]but if theres one[G]final word[C]that you'll say to[D7]me
say yo love me[Cadd9]

[G]So yesterday you told me that you[Cadd9]loved me
and[G]yesterday you said I[D]do
[G]But I just need you[Cadd9]here to hold me
and[G]say we'll[D]never be[G]through
[G]Because love is like the [Cadd9]ocean
and[G]sometimes it gets[D]rough
[G]But I can keep this[Cadd9]love in motion
because[G]love is[D]reason[G]enough