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From: (David Schmidt)
Subject: TAB: "Simple" by Collective Soul

Here are tabs for the two main riffs in "Simple," from Collective
Soul's latest album.  They are real close, but not quite perfect.
If anyone has some suggestions and/or corrections, please post!

First riff:

 E |-----------------------------------------------
 B |-----------------------------------------------
 G |-----------------------------------(second time)
 D |--2---2---------------------2----------(5)-----
 A |--2---2---7-p-0---2-h-5-p-2---0-0-h-2-h-5------
 E |--0---0----------------------------------------

Second riff:
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 E |--2-------------------------------------------x--x-
 B |--2-------------------------------------------x--x-
 G |--0-----2-------------------------------2-----x--x-
 D |--0-----2-------------------------------2--2--x--x-
 A |--2-----0----------7-p-5-p-0------------0--2--x--x-
 E |--3------------0-0-----------3bb-p-0-0-----0--x--x-

Tablature explanation
    B      Full Bend               
    b      1/2  Bend               
    bb     1/4  Bend
    h      Hammer-on
    p      Pull-off   
    x      left-hand muted "scratch" strum

Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 12:00:47 -0700
Subject: simple-collective soul

this is what i've figured out for the opening riffs for simple and it
sounds pretty darn close


2nd time play D|--5-- at the end instead of A|--5--