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Better Now Tab

song:  Better now
artist:  collective soul

here is the tab for collective souls song better now
of the new album youth


just before the opening riff there is the drum intro and there is also
a palm muted guitar part it is simply this repeated twice

d-----9 9 9 9-----------
a-----9 9 9 9-----------


here is the opening riff which is also used in the verses
listen to the song for the exact timing



then for the chorus play around with these chords the progression is 
something like this, but first here are the chords
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      [B]   [D]   [A]   [G]
e                  5     3
b     4     7      5     3
g     4     7      6     4
d     4     7      7     5
a     2     5      7     5
e                  5     3

B                    D             A        G              A
         let the word out/I gotta get out/oh im feeling better now
         break the news out/i gotta get out/oh im feeling better now


then for the part where they sing "the world starts shaking me down" as far as I can tell 
they just palm mute the drum intro "B" chord from above over and over again

then at the end where the saxophone plays it sounds pretty quiet guitar wise 
but you can play softly here using the chorus riff


so to summarize the song goes like this

drum intro with guitar
opening riff
verse 1 with opening riff
opening riff
verse 2 with opening riff
breakdown(the world starts shaking me down) part
opening riff
chorus repeated multiple times
then the saxophone part to fade out the song using the chorus riff

that should about cover it anything i may i have missed you can probably figure out with what ive got here

Have fun!