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Be Alright Chords

Listen to the song for the right tempo and strumming patterns.

Be Alright

Intro:    G  D  E-  C

Verse 1:
G                   D               E-                      C
Itís Saturday night, and everyoneís together, having a good time
But you were in the corner, standing by yourself, and nobody else even looking

A-                 E-
Something was on your mind
A-                      D
That brought me by your side
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You cried out your heart
You were falling apart
              E-                  C
Wondering how things ever went so wrong
But Iím here for you now
Just rest in my arms
     E-                     C
Everything will be alright (Be alright)

Verse 2:
G                 D                  E-                         C
It came to an end, and I could only imagine, the state you were in
So I sang you this song, to comfort yourself, in your moment of desperation

(To Chorus)

Instrumental:  E-, C, G, D (X3) E, C, D (Guitar solo)