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Wayfaring Sons Chords

Taken from the Going Somewhere album.

Standard tuning 

Chords used:

G - 320033
G/F# - 200033
Cadd9 - X32033
Am - X02210
F - 103210
Bm - X24432

Intro - G - G/F# - Cadd9

You can hear the hammer ons in the intro, this progression is played like this:


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G        G/F#         Cadd9
Don't go out in the night

G        G/F#         Cadd9
Even though you know the town

G        G/F#         Cadd9
someone always wants to fight

G        G/F#         Cadd9
You end up lying on the ground

Am                         F
I dream of lying in the sun

Am                   G
In my ears hear the ocean roaring

Am                        F
Like all good wayfaring sons

Am                   G        
Travel home and the rain is pouring

Soaks me to the skin, I duck into this public house and get shattered by the din.

And back to the intro/verse chords.

Bridge (played after the second chorus)

Bm - Cadd9

Thats it. Comments welcome.