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Into The Cornfields Chords

From the Peaks and Valleys album.

Standard tuning:

E - 079900
B - X24400
C# - X46600
G#m - 466400
A - X02220
Asus2 - X02200

Intro  - E - B - C# - G#m - A


B                          C#
Driving through the south, no need to stop for gas

B                           C#
Thats all taken care of, by the gas man

B                             C#
Some of it is very beautiful, some of it has scars

B                       Asus2
and some of it is ugly, as a bigot in a bar
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B                                   C#
Travelling through the south by car, me and Bonn and Charlie B
B                               C#
The night makes us stop, by the side of the road for tea

B                                              C#
I look up in the distance, a branding iron is stuck up in the night sky

It's in the shape of American, and it's in flames

but I'm not sure why


Into the cornfields

Into the cordnfields

We don't want to go

The chorus is played the same as the intro, he drags out the word "cornfields" but its
easy to get the hang of if you listen to it, you can alternate with the A and the Asus2
in places, just see which sounds best to you. Thats the whole song, enjoy. Any comments
are welcome.