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Going Somewhere Chords

Taken from the Going Somewhere album.

Standard tuning.

Chords used:

G - 355433
F# - 244322
E - 022100
C - 8 10 10 9 8 8
B - 799877
A - 577655

Intro - G F# E

G             F#          E
Clock strikes 8, up on a monday

G      F#            E
Got to bed half past 5

G      F#                  E
Can't remember Saturday or Sunday

G           F#
And life is grand


C                   B       
Doesn't it feel good to be alive

             A              B
When you're going somewhere

A                B
Going somewhere

Verse 2:
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G        F#                    E
Pay for food through bricks and mortar

G        F#                  E
Bide my time, try to have some fun

G        F#                    E
Half past 10 I drink a little water

G               F#                   
And time stands still


C                       B
I've seen my future slip through my hands

C                           B
Watch the wind whip through, desert sands

C                    B
Then I remember I'm no ordinary man

          A               B
And I'm a going somewhere

A               B
Going somewhere

There is another verse and chorus, played the same way. Enjoy.