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Fishermans Friend Chords

From the Looking for Jack album

Chords used:

F# - 244322
B - X24442
E - 022100
C#m - X46654
A - X02220

Intro: F# - B


F#                   B
I stand alone in the harbour

F#                   B
And look out on the bay

F#                         B
The wind and rain makes it harder

F#                      B
No one braves the storm today

F#                     B
Distant bells and the gulls cry familiar sounds

F#                            B
My clothes are damp from the spray
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F#                      B
The air is cold but my feet are even colder

F#                                   B
The boats are where they're going to stay


E                        C#m
I never thought I'd ever worry about the weather

E                   C#m
I never used to care

E                        C#m
But it becomes too real when it provides the meals

E                    C#m
For you and many far away

Then repeat the verse and chorus chords


This comes after the second chorus, and I'm not entirely sure what he says. Sounds like 
on the outside", but anyways, the chords are A and B.

Thats all the parts, you can work out where they go with no trouble. Comments welcome.