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Dreamtime In Glasgow Chords

From the Wayfaring Sons album.

Chords used:

E - 022100
A - X02220
B - X24442
C#m - X46654
F#m - 244222

Intro: E - A - B


E       A
I can't begin to tell you

B                      B A
What is on my mind

E         A              B
So here I sit since last October

E           A                B                   A
Sometimes I feel as if that I am mocking time
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E             A              B
I'm doing my best at staying sober


A           B             E
And if you were to say to me

A           B             E
What is it that you want to be 

A               B
I surely don't know

         C#m           B
And if I seem a little slow

A           B             E
It's only dreamtime in Glasgow

Another verse and a chorus, then:

F#m  A     B
I still believe

F#m  A     B
I still believe

Verse chords through solo.

Thats it, same chords. Comments welcome.