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Animals Chords

			     Animals - Coldplay

Tabbed by: 	b34r5

I spent a while trying to find some chords which sounded right to me when played
along with the song, and to put it simply; I cant. Without taking my guitar a
couple of steps down, anyway (see note at end of tab). I THINK the chords are as
follows, but you have to bar them up if using standard tuning, which makes them
sound a bit wrong. 

If you play this way, think of the Eb as a 'D#' (raise a D by barring the whole
first fret, may require some practice- 3,4,3,1,1,1) and Cm is 3,4,5,5,3,3.

Eb - F - Eb - F (x2)

G         B
Animals we are
    Cm          G
Collapsable and raw
In you go
   Eb              Cm
In to some crowded room
    G            B
and Animals that climb
            Eb            Cm
and they're climbin' over you
Until you say
         B             Eb  Cm
"Off you go, off you go"

G - B - Eb - Cm (x2)

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G        B
Animal I am           
and I'm looking for an 
Cm               G
answer just like you,		   
but I should know 
      Eb     Cm 
which way to turn,
   G 	       B 
An animal that runs          
And I ran away from 
 Cm             G
you because I'm scared, 
             B            Eb    Cm 
"now Off you go, off you go,"

Eb                    F
If you're gonna go, go now
Eb                    F
If you're gonna go, go now
Eb                   F
I forgot to tell you how
Eb                   F                 
  so If you gonna go, go now

G - B - Eb - Cm (x2)

Animal you are
yes and
Watch your mouth
boys, watch your mouth

an animal that runs 
and i made all my excuses to you
and i missed my chance by a stones throw

Chorus again

End bit-

crumble and fall,
Crumble and fall,
Crumble and fall like an 
animal,   (all x4)

G - B - Eb - Cm (chord pattern to end)


If you want it to sound better and dont mind messing about with your tuning,
take it down 2 steps (put a capo on second fret and tune that to standard,
then take capo off) and play with the following chord shapes-

Play the G in an A shape with the new tuning
Play the B in an C shape   "   "   "    "
Play the Eb as an F shape (or an Fmaj7, leaving the High E open, not fret 1)
Play the Cm as a Dm shape

For the chorus, either play the F as a G shape, or slide the Eb up 2 frets.

Sorry that may come across as very confusing, but I couldn't be bothered to
tab out the song again with new 'relative to 2 steps down' chords. Just mess
around with it with a guitar in your hands and song in the background and you'll
get it no problem.