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A Favor House Atlantic Acoustic Chords

These are the chords and they are 100% correct.......for sure.
I don't even know if Coheed and Cambria do this song acoustic but oh well here it is.

Yeah maybe there's a video of them doing it on youtube... what isn't on youtube???

For the intro its just like a C# so if you mess around you can do something "acoustic" or skip it
like me :)

 A                 B            C#               A

Your eyes tell the stories of a day you wish you could 

  A        B        C#
Recall the moments that once have 

A           B             C#                  A

Retrack the footsteps that brought us to this favor 

           B           C#

I wouldn't ask this of you 


Good eye, sniper 


I shoot, you run

E   A         C#         B     E

The words you scribbled on the walls 
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E   A       C#          B
The loss of friends you didn't have 

E    A        C#       B       

I'll call you when the time is right


Are you in or are you out? 


For them all to know the end of us all   

*(for like that little weird thing they do 

when claudio extends the "awwllllllllllllllllll",

i didnt feel like doing so yeah have fun with that)

*Its the same for the second verse, prechorus, and chorus...

E        A

Bye bye, beautiful 

E               A

Don't bother to write 

B                           A

Disturbed by your words and they're calling all cars 


Face step, let down

Face step, step down

*Yeah the chorus is the same...

for the ending i usually do a :