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Broken Hearted Wine Chords

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From: (Tonny Mortensen)
Subject: LYR/(crds?): CODEINE: Broken hearted wine

I'm a beginner...this is the first song I've
tried to figure out..can anyone help me out?
I take all of it from memory the timing
might be a bit inaccurate, but I think
the lyrics are right.

G      Am            C            ?
In spring time...when you haven't got a dime
In spring time...when life seems a crime

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  G        E       C         E(?)
  Come on over...cry on my shoulder
  G                       Am           C              ?
  And drink broken hearted wine...tastes the spring time
  Broken hearted wine...tastes spring time

So you finally see his face
At last, and the pain will never pass
You thought he was the only boy
In the whole wide world for you

  So come on over...

So you don't know what to do
There's just one cure for you
In spring time...when there isn't any reason
Or I'm to thinking...that you'll be mine

  you can come on over

I have a chord for the last one on the verse..a barre chord...but I don't
know what it's called and I'm not gonna check since it's the wrong
chord anyway...but it's all I have, so I use it, and it's not too bad.
Can anyone please help me......?