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Undertaker Chords

Am      Em     G      Am
u ne la nv i u we tsi            (God's Son)
Am      Em    G   Am
i ga gu yv he i                  (paid for us)
Am          Em G        Am
hna quo tso sv wi yu lo se       (Now to heaven He went)
Am      Em    G    Am
i ga gu yv ho nv                 (after paying for us)
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Am                   Em 
Under what spell the guiding light
  G             Am
Betook the Undertaker
Am                   Em             G        Am
Under whose gaze did fall such evil blunder
Am            Em 
Characters of flamin' eyes
G                 Am
Eager to burn the wooden castle
Am               Em             G                Am
Eager to wet the paper heart of children birds
The aching starlet
The singing sinew
The whining ghost
Am                           Em
Brutal wind of snowy harlot
Chafin' mine eyes
A sandpaper kiss
Am                Em
Bloody rose in my cheek
       G              Am
Purple kiss of stardust
Am              Em
Pink balloon of time
G              Am
Candied on the inside baby
Am             Em
pit bull butterfly
               G            Am
Do da do da do da, do da do da do

Great Song, Hope You Enjoy these Chords! ~ettawhy