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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Crd: Crushy rug rat- the cocksuckers *new*
Date: 8 Nov 1995 23:45:48 GMT

                            Written by,
                                Some guy named Tadd

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C          G   F
I'll crush you and
C          G   F
your little girley music!
C         G     F
By Krom I swear it!
I'll snap you like a dry twig and make
you suck your own Cock!   *Various Arnold groans and grunts*

 There, make a song about that!   Euuagghhh!
  I'll punch my fist into your nostril, pull out your pinkey toe and
tie you into a human flesh pretzel!

    That's my reaction to this piece of music, and I use music litely!

Ok, Hope your happy!

-- (Scott)
All right son, the party's over.  Put down that grenade.
---- End Forwarded Message