Clement Peerens Explosition - Dikke Lu And Leelijk Foorwijf Chords & Tabs


Dikke Lu And Leelijk Foorwijf Chords & Tabs

Clement Peerens Explosition Chords & Tabs

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Dikke Lu And Leelijk Foorwijf Tab

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Clement peerens explosition

dikke lu and leelijk foorwijf

clement peerens explosition
dikke lu
guitar tab go something like this
sorry this is the first time I wrote some TABS

main riff goes that way

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  E ¦----------------¦----------------¦-----------------¦---------------¦
  B ¦----------------¦----------------¦-----------------¦---------------¦
  G ¦----------------¦----------------¦-----------------¦---------------¦
  D ¦---------3------¦----5------5----¦---5---------3---¦---5----3------¦
  A ¦------55--------¦-5----3--5---3--¦-5--3----55------¦5------------5-¦
  E ¦----------------¦----------------¦-----------------¦---------------¦

wa was dat met den dikke den dikke den dikke lu
repeat main riff
these notes are played seperated don't try to form any chord you can
start from a power chord and pick the notes like most of the finger picks

da kanne ik nie pikke ni pikke ni pikke te dju


the other song calls leelijk foorwijf
the main riff is played like this

  E ¦---------------¦----------------¦----------------¦---------------¦
  B ¦---------------¦----------------¦----------------¦---------------¦
  G ¦---------------¦----------------¦----------------¦--5--3---5-----¦
  D ¦---5----5---5--¦--5------3------¦--0--3---0------¦--x--x--x------¦
  A ¦--5----5---5--¦-5------3--------¦-0--3---0-------¦---x--x--x-----¦
  E ¦---------------¦----------------¦----------------¦---------------¦

whit plenty of distortion
the X is played muted
hammer down the G string are finger picks

gij ze leekijk foorwijf mottige kloek

repait riff

gij ze leekijk foorwijf kruipt in ouwe hoek

repait riff

another Belgium rock band calls THE SCABS
can anybody send me some tabs from this band