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Into Your Hands Chords

                      C2             G
It must have been nothing new to You
     A7sus4       D             C2                     G
The moment I awoke to know that I won't make it through
         A7sus4    D
On my own
                      C2               G
But i recall a promise that You made
        A7sus4            D             C2
The burden won't outweigh the load that I can bear
   G               A7sus4    D
Surrounded by Your Grace

      C2   Em7    G     D/F#
Into Your hands, hands
     C2   Em7      G    D/F#
Into Your hands, hands
  F            C           F  D                C2
Every burden of my every day, Into Your hands
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          C2                 G
I find my life is like a dime
  A7sus4             D              C2             G
Stuck between the cushions of a couch until You find
       A7sus4     D
And spend
                  C2          G
And i know the deeper that I go
     A7sus4         D              C2          G
To learn to give away, creates a space more apropos
      A7sus4      D
For a king to rule   (chorus)

  F                      C                                  G
I put my burdens in the hands that put the planets into place
  F                         C                      D
So He will know me on the day i see Him face to face

                C2                 G
A little bit of heaven here on earth
  A7sus4         D
Jesus come to live with me
     C2               G
The day of my new birth
         A7sus4           D
When I finally put it all...   (chorus)

Chords used:
C2           x32033
G            320033
A7sus4       x02233
D            x00232
D/F#         200232
F            133211
Em7          022033