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Rumor Has It Chords

Rumor has it
By: Clay Walker

Key of G

Intro: G  D  C  D  G  D  C

G 	D		C  D    G	  D	     C		D
Darlin' you know it's true, the rumor you heard about me loving you
     G		D	C    D	 G	 D	 C
Well I've never told a soul, so, tell me how the whole world knows
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C		  G	D	C	 D	    G   D	  C    D
It musta been the roses and the wine, or maybe this unexplainable smile
D	  G		D		C		     A
They say, where there's smoke there's fire, well I hope it's true
	    C     DD                G  D  C  D  G  D  C
Cause rumor has it, you love me too

     G		D	   C   D     G		  D	    C	       D
Well I've got a ring and a plan, but I see you're on to what I'm gonna
     G	    D	   C	  G		D	C
But I never said a thing, tell me what gave it away

Instrumental:  G  D  C  D (three times, then A)
Chorus-same, except at the end don't play "you love me too"
Chorus-whole thing   G  D  C
D	G  D  C	    D		G
yes you do	    I heard it too