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On My Way Here Chords

On My Way Here
by Clay Aiken

Eb                Bb
I took my first step
Cm                      Ab
On that black and white kitchen floor
I sometimes wonder if that house is even there anymore
I had my first glimpse
Of love when I was five
I watched two people split apart
But still the three of us survived

Cm               Bb
Iíve seen the best
Iíve seen the worst
I wouldnít change what Iíve been through
Cm               Bb
Iíve touched the sky
Iíve hit the wall
But I did what I had to
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On my way here
Where I am now
Iíve learned to fly
      Ab                        Eb
I have to want to leave the ground
      Bb                        Cm
Iíve fallen hard but Iíve been loved
            Ab                  Cm
And in the end it all works out
Ab                      Eb       Bb
My faith has conquered fear
On my way here

Oh yeah, yeah

My address has changed
Almost every year
Iíve found that standing still
Can quickly make a lifetime disappear
Iíd rather try and fail
A thousand times denied
And this, whenever you feel pain
It lets you know youíre alive
Iíve been a fool
Iíve been afraid
Yeah, Iíve been loved
Iíve been lied to
Iíve been wrong
And Iíve been right
I stood up when I had to


Cm         Bb
No guarantees
 Ab                       Eb
I believed that I would find
Cm                   Bb
An open door or a light
Ab                        Bb
To lead me to the other side
I guess that is why