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Annie Chords

Subject: Townshen-Lane "Annie" chords


words and music by Lane-Lambert-Clapton
From the  townshend/lane album ?Rough Mix?

I?m pretty confident about most of this. Its the first time I have ever
transcribed by ear an entire song, but i am only 35. I have already written
one new song since learning this rather subtle but pretty chord grouping.

Sorry about the way some of the chord changes don't line up correctly. I
pasted this in from my wordprocessor and it looks a bit funny. If you
listen to the track on the album, you'll get it.

Intro: ASection format
D A Bm  A F#m A D A G D

In the B Section I brush over the A chord on the way back to Bm
(A quick skippy thing)

ASection 1
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D                 A            Bm   A  F#m  A      D
Old oaks stand tall Annie, seen the world grow small Annie
D                  A            G                D
But when they fall Annie, where will we be?

ASection 2

D                 A            Bm   A   F#m A   D
Winter has come Annie, No strength in the sun, Annie

D                  A           G          D
And when it?s gone Annie, where shall we be?

Bsection 1

Bm                              F#m/A  Bm          F#m/A
When all the colors have faded, when ole Jack comes to call

Bm                          F#m
Don?t tell em? no tell em? maybe

G                            D     G                  D
Oh Annie God bless us all, Oh yes Annie, God bless us all

Instrumental A Section

A Section 3

D                           A            Bm A F#m A   D
And then children will call Annie, Every leaf must fall, Annie

D                 A           G        D
God Bless us all Annie wherever we?ll be.

B Section (repeat end of bsection (G&D) then go to ASection and Fade...