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My God Reigns Chords

My God Reigns

C D C/E   D (x2)

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G          D/G                Bm          C
I have a hope so sure, an anchor for my soul
G            D/G              Bm          C
My peace in the worst of times, I trust in God alone
D          Am7
Let every voice declare it now
C         G                       D
My God reigns, His love will never fail me
      Em                   C
My God reigns, He's ruling over all
         G                    D
In all my life, in every situation I know
C              D                   G
My God is greater, my God is over all

By faith I have believed, and on this truth I stand
No power in life or death can take me from His hand

G            D               Em
Above all sickness, above all fear
        C           G
Above every heartache here
     D                 C
In earth and heaven, my God reigns
G          D               Em
Above all power, above all thrones
              C             G
The greatest love I've ever known
       D              C
Today forever, my God reigns