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Forgive Me Chords

sounds fine to me

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C             Em        Am      Em
Iíll cross my heart and hope to die
F        C               Am            G
before I have the chance to lie
   C      Em   Am        Em
to you my dear I wish no harm
      F           C        Am            G
but I know in the end this will turn out wrong
    C         Em       Am      Em
see Iíve been known to fall in love
    F         C         Am       G
but sometimes love just is not enough
    C             Em    Am         Em
and my heart will stray before too long
   F      C          Am     G
so please forgive me when I sing
this song
C      Am
oooooo ooo
C      Am
oooooo ooo
C      F
oooooo ooo
C      Em
oooooo ooo