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Au Pair Chords

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Transcribed by Andy Willinger 
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Au Pair - Cinerama

D        Em                G   A
He fell in love with the au pair 
D        Em                G   A
When she ran her fingers through his hair 
D               Em
And said: "It's silky" 
G         A                              D      Em
He knew, of course, that he ought to be feeling guilty 
G                        A
But, no, he didn't care at all
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D        Em         G         A
He hadn't felt this great in years
D        Em          G             A 
Meanwhile, his wife's upstairs, in tears
D             Em
Well, it's so corny 
G             A                       D         Em
Her world's turned upside down because he felt horny
G                            A 
So tell me, how can it be fair? 

Gm                           D
But as they drive away she wonders just how long 
Gm                           D              A
It'll take for him to realise how much he's wrong 

D        Em         G        A
And when he comes home in disgrace
D        Em         G              A 
She'll slam the door right in his face
D               Em 
Well it's so sleazy
(Her: I wish you could see me in a white dress, looking divine)
G             A            D         Em
He won't find coming back here quite as easy
(Her: I wish you could hear me sing like I did, my hymns and rhymes) 
G              A
As he found going away 

Gm                                     D
But as they disappear she hopes it won't be long 
Gm                         D           A
Before he ends up realising that he's wrong

D        Em         G              A