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Believe It Chords

this is my first ever tab. hope you liked it! and this chords are really easy  it's good 
for beginners.

Capo on 1st

G     : 320033
Em7   : 022033
Cadd9 : x32033
Dsus4 : xx0233

                G                   Em7
You've got no money, but you got it all
            Cadd9          Dsus4
And we can take it if you want
                 G               Em7
You think that time, goes on and on
             Cadd9             Dsus4
You got the whole world on a wrong

[ Tab from: ]
        G             Em7
Say it loud, shout it out
         Cadd9            Dsus4
Time for us to make a sound
         G               Em7
Shout it out, loud and clear
       Cadd9       Dsus4
For everyone to hear

        G    Em7        Cadd9 Dsus4
Believe it....., believe it......
         G                      Em7
And the whole world's standing next to you
         Cadd9                 Dsus4
And the whole world's watching over you
        G    Em7        Cadd9 Dsus4
Believe it....., believe it......

And just play the rest of the song like that!
feel free to correct this tab if you think this is not exact/not true.