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Subject: c/church_of_rhythm/strayed.crd

Written by Church of Rhythm (from Not Perfect)
Transcribed by Mark Guinn (

  E         022100 or 079900 or x799xx
  B         x2440x or 76980x or 769xxx
  C#m       x46630 or x466xx
  Bsus4     x24400
  Asus4     x02200

Capo on 1st fret.

Intro: E  B  C#m x2

E                               Asus2
When I was young, I grew up in a Christian family

I wanted to please my parents

I wanted them to be so proud of me

     E                      Asus2
So I took their faith and I learned their religion

      E                           Asus2
And I went to a church where everyone was a Christian


E            B            C#m
I've strayed far, but I'm fine

E            B            C#m
I've strayed far, but I'm fine
[ Tab from: ]
E            B        C#m                 E     B
I've strayed far, but you've been with me God

All this time

E                                Asus2
Then I went away to school and I found new friends

  E                                Asus2
I wanted to please them too, to be liked by them

            E                     Asus2
And if they didn't need God, then neither did I

      E                          Asus2
And I got to be so busy, that it pretty much slipped my mind


E                             Asus2
Now I'm out of school and I'm finally alone

E                                       Asus2
No one to tell me what to do, but no beliefs to call my own

          E                          Asus2
But in my times of loneliness, in my desperate independence

  E                                     Asus2
I wondered if there was a God and if he cared where I'd been

Chorus. (this time it's "I think I've missed you God")

            Asus2  Bsus4              C#m
And when I'd run,       'till I'd run out

           Asus2          Bsus4         C#m
When being broken made me look a second time

    Asus2  Bsus4     C#m            Asus2
Now I can see, I can see clearly

                 Bsus4            C#m
That You've been with me all this time