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Ten Dollar Christmas Chords

Intro: ( with Harmonica)

C////C////C////C/////F////F////G////G//////C F C

C                                     F
It was the first snow of the year and all that you could hear

                   G                            C F C
were your own foot steps in the wet and heavy snow.

C                                      F
It’s been almost 40 years John Roberts rangered around here.

             G                           C F C
He was the sort of man that everybody knows.

  Am                              Em
Heading home on Friday night, in the fading winter light,

      F                               G      G
With the weekend and Christmas on his mind.

C                                      F
When in the freshly fallen snow, there were the footprints of old Joe,

        G                                  C F C
and a spruce stump, fresh cut and left behind.

(with Harmonica)

C                                          F                                  G
Joe Carson never had much luck. Some might say he had it rough; seven children

                        C F C
he never had a steady job.

C                                                   F
But as John stood there at his door, he clenched his teeth and then he swore,

                G                           C F C
“Not even this man should stand above the law.”

   Am                                     Em
So in a steamy room inside, where puppies ran and babies cried.

        F                               G
He hit Carson with a stiff ten dollar fine.
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 C                                        F
And Carson said, “that cleans me out.” And Johnny had his doubts

                   G                             C F C
of Christmas morning and what Joe’s kids might find.

   Am                                 Em
As he headed for the door, he spied a pup there on the floor.

         F                                   G   G
He picked it up and turned to Carson once again.

   C                                 F
He said, “my nephew wants a pup. And it looks like he’s in luck.

G                                         C F C
I’ll take this one.” And he handed Joe a ten.

(with Harmonica)

C                                   F
Later on, on Sunday night on a corner ‘neath a street light,

              G                        C F C
doesn’t John run into Joe on his way home.

C                                           F
He said, “since the other night when you came by, it’s been a sight!

               G                              C F C
I’ve sold eight pups now, what’s that go to show?”

Am                                           Em
“News travels fast here in the woods, Joe, I hope your Christmas is good.”

F                                                G     G
And for a moment, they just stood there in the snow.

   C                                      F
And then Joe stuck out his hand. He said, I hope your day is grand.

Merry Christmas to you, Johnny.”

(no chord)                   C G C
“Merry Christmas to you, Joe.”

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