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Unforgivable Chords

Capo : 3 Fred

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Am    F
Okay, lets keep this simple
C                      G                     Am
I do intend to live my life on the safe side
F                      C         G
It's who I am, and it's who you aren't
Am     F
I can, I can see you clearer
C               G                        Am
When you're not lying underneath it all
F                     C G
And I can't see your complexion
And I know your heart
The way you choose
C                 G
You always want the best for you
Am                         F
But I'm standing here with crying eyes
C                         G
I still see through your disguise

Am       G                C
I never meant for you to choose
You should've known better
Am              G               C
There's nothing left for you to loose
F                                         Am
When you looked at me and said you had it all
             G               C
But what you did; is not unforgivable
Am        G                C         F
What you did ; is not unforgivable.