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La Song Chords

                         LA Song- Christian Kane; Written by David Greenwalt
Tabbed by: Maggie Killman

Tuning: Standard

So I looked at the other tabs on here, and they just don't sound right, so I'm tabbing
this one again myself. I listened to the CD and this is what I got. On the first two
verses, most of the chords are rushed straight together and then cut off quickly. The
last lines of these verses, however, let the C chord ring.

Once you get to the last 2 verses, the chords go pretty much as usual, just listen to
the song for the strum pattern. This should go really well with the CD (Angel
Soundtrack). Enjoy the yummy Christian Kane goodness!

Em- 022000
G- 320033
D- xx0242
C- x32010
Am- x02210

Em [pause] G D

                                           D C
Pretty girl on every corner
		              C Em	       Em
Sunshine turns the sky to gold
Em					                   D
     Warm, warm, it's always warm here
C                                 Em
  I can't take the cold
[ Tab from: ]
                                                D C
Streets littered with diamonds
                    C Em           Em
Everyone is glistening
    This whole world shines so brightly
D C                              C
      I can't see a thing

G                   Em
Pretty as a picture
G                   Em
She is like a golden ring
Am                                  Em
Circles me with love and laughter
Am                 C              CDC
And I-I can't feel a thing

C                    D           G            Em             C     DC
Sky's gonna open, people gonna pray and crawl,
C                               D                Em         
It's gonna rain down fire, gonna burn us all,
C                          D        G                  Em            C
The sky's gonna open, people gonna pray and sing,
Am            C          Em
Well I can't feel a thing.

After that, go back to Verse 3 and play the last 2 verses, then end with

Am               C                Em
Well I can't feel

That should be it! Any questions/comments, feel free to email me.